Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Rehash

Monday morning's are rough! It was so hard to get out of bed this morning but I didn't have much of a choice. This past weekend was too full and went by too fast. Matt left early Monday morning for Colorado to go skiing. I filled up my weekend with 4 babysitting jobs. It's great extra money but 4 jobs in one weekend is a lot!

I did make good eating choices and worked out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning I was running some errands when I decided to look on my iphone to see if they had an app for the Couch- to-5k program and sure enough they did.

This is a program that I have been looking to do for a while but have never gotten the motivation to actually go through with it. Basically it's a 9 week program where you do their running/ walking work out 3 times a week. After 9 weeks you are able to run a 5k. I decided this would be the perfect time to start with my weight loss efforts and it would put the 9 week end at the beginning of May which will be a good time of year for my first 5k!

I called my sister and she also got on board. So now I'm excited that we both get to run our first 5k together! I did my first workout Saturday afternoon. I headed over to Duke's campus to run. The first work out was a 5 minute brisk run, followed by 20 minutes of alternating walking 90 seconds and running for 60, and then a 5 minute brisk walk cool down. It was a great workout. The running was hard at times but I pushed through. The only thing I'm a a little concerned about is that after my run I had to use my inhaler for the first time in months. I am going to have to see how running outside goes and might have to do some of my workouts on the treadmill depending on how it goes with my asthma.

So now I just need to sign up for a 5k in May. Anyone know of a good race in the Raleigh/ Durham area in May?


  1. Wish i had an iphone to do this! my problem with running is that i always overdo it and end up hurting myself. It would be nice to have something tell you when its ok to stop.

  2. Bonnie they have podcast you can put on your shuffle. If you go to the Couch to 5k website that's exactly what they say. They say most people over do it when they start to run.

  3. i want to run a 5k but i hate running. running is the worst. but you should totally do it. there is a 5k in raleigh on may 2nd.

  4. If you go to you can search for races in the area. If you have never particpated in one it's so much fun and rewarding!!!! I am also going to start a similar program April 1.

  5. Jenni, the Wake Forest race on May 8 looks good! Would love to do the May 2 one in Raleigh (proceeds support adoptive families) -- I will see if Brent can switch his call days.

  6. Saw you on Lady Bloggers. Way to go - awesome to document this journey!