Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

Growing up I would always go to K&W with my Granny and one of my favorite things to get there is Chicken Pot Pie. So naturally when I saw Weight Watcher's recipe for Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie I had to try it. Have I mentioned before that I'm a novice chef? Okay using the word chef is probably pushing it.

Weight Watchers list this recipe as a "Easy Difficulty" so I figured it would be a good one to start with. Cooking it actually was pretty easy. The only glitch was that I didn't have the required flour but I used Bisquick instead and that seemed to work okay.

Matt said he liked it too and that I should make it again. Of course he's going to say that right?


  1. It was yummy, we should definitely make it again. And by we... ;) Just kidding, love ya!

  2. This looked so tasty. Good Job!!!

  3. Yeah that looks pretty good. I might have to try it out.

  4. That looks good. I'm going to have to try it. J loves chicken pot pie, but it's so fattening usually.