Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in WeekTotal Work Outs

So I maintained this week. I did not gain nor did I loose. I worked my butt off this week. I stayed on points, logged everything I ate, and worked out. 2 of my 4 workouts were running. I don't run! Well now I do and it kicks my butt. So what gives? I knew at the beginning of this week that I would probably maintain or even gain. I am just going to have to be okay with 1 week of every month being that way. I was trying to figure out how to spell out my reason for maintaining this week without people being like ewww too much info. So I'll just leave it at that. All I can do now is stay focused and hope that my hard work this past week will show on the scale next week.

This coming week is going to be one that I really need to buckle down and focus on. Matt's dad is coming into town on Friday for probably a week for the Duke vs UNC game and the ACC tournament. When his dad is here it means lots of eating out. That just won't be possible for a week for me. I'll offer to cook and even stay home some nights if needed. His dad loves fish (he's a pescetarian) and brussels sprouts so I'll have to put that on the menu. I think I'll head over to JM's blog and use her recipe for roasted brussels sprouts. Now Matt's dad is use to eating delicious fish from fancy restaurants. So I need a easy, healthy, delicious fish recipe. Anyone? When I do eat out with them I'll just make sure to make healthy choices and stay away from fancy cocktails, appetizers, and desserts.


  1. Ok this is the easiest fish recipe I know. You might want to practice it first though. You get salmon filets and rub them with a little olive oil and then sprinkle them with blackening seasoning. Then broil them for a few minutes. I'm not sure on the exact time but it does not take long at all. Blackening seasoning is a little spicy but not too hot and adds a nice flavor. I will ask my mom for the specifics.

  2. Congrats on the running!!! I wouldn't be surprised if you see a loss soon. Do you take body measurments? Sometimes I find that if I don't lose on the scale I lose some where else. I am sure your running is getting those muscles all toned.

    Good luck with the visit! Keep up the positive outlook!

  3. I think you'll definitely see the results next week -- hang in there! You are probably gaining some muscle mass.

    Separately, Brent can give you some good fish recipes. It is actually pretty to easy to cook fish.