Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wedding Woes

My good friend and bride to be Amanda called me last week after reading my blog and told me that if I didn't think the J Crew dress would work that we would just look somewhere else. I looked online at their size charts and compared my measurements. From the measurements I knew it was going to be a tight fit but not out of the question.

We decided it was worth ordering a couple of them to give it a try. I was surprised that everything I saw said that a strapless style would be the most flattering for my body type. This sounded promising though since the one Amanda liked the best was strapless.

Amanda called me today to tell me that 2 of the 3 dresses that we ordered were in. I must admit I was very nervous going to try the dresses on. I'm just not a size 16 right now. I knew that going into this but I also was hopeful because I have heard that J Crew dresses can run big. The two dresses were too small but not ridiculously so. They weren't close enough though to order knowing I'm loosing weight. The biggest bummer is that the strapless one (the one I had been most hopeful for) is on back order until May. The wedding is in June so that will not work.

I just feel awful that I'm causing problems. Amanda kept telling me over and over to not feel bad and that she didn't care. I am so grateful that my friend is not a bridezilla!

I am disappointed though. I'm disappointed that I left myself get to this point. I am embarrassed that I can't just order a dress from any store. I am mad at myself but I'm also mad at J Crew. Why don't they go to a size 18 like other stores? Most places go to size 18!

Feeling bad for myself though is not going to get me anywhere. All I can do is work to make changes and to become healthier and a smaller size. And speaking of changes I am excited that as of yesterday I have finished my first week of the Couch to 5k program. I am nervous of the running ramping up in the weeks to come but I am also really excited. Running a 5k is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I am not really sure why I have wanted to because I hate running. I think because I hate it and have always feared it is exactly the reason why I want to do it. I want to conquer running. Also you can run anywhere. It's an easy thing to do and by easy I mean you don't need a gym membership or fancy equipment to do it.

I am alternating using the Wii Active Sports workouts and running as my exercise. You would think that the Wii is just a video game and couldn't be that much of a workout right? Wrong! The exercises are hard and leave me sore the next day. It's a good sore though. A sore that lets me know I accomplished something.

I have been blabbering and going on while I was waiting for the boyfriend to get home from work so we can watch the special 1 hour of The Office. And he's finally here so it's time to find out if Jam is having a boy or girl!

Special Note to the bride to be---Amanda when and if you read this you should not feel bad at all! I know you are so concerned about all of us being happy. You did not make me feel bad in anyway. I can't wait to be your bridesmaid!


  1. Awww virtual Hug! You are doing awesome keep up with all your healthy choices. June is still three months away. Sounds like you have a great friend!!

    I am so excited about you completing week one of 5K program. Did you decide what race you are going to run in?

    I DVRd The Office I so can't wait to see it tonight TEAM JAM!!

  2. Bridemaid dresses can be tricky in general. Have you ever seen a mermaid style dress? Those look horrific on all people unless they are some sort of twig. Well at least they looked horrible on me.

  3. I feel your pain. When my brother got married my SIL chose her bridesmaid dresses without consulting me. The dress she chose was pretty but I knew from the second I saw it that there was no way it was going to look good on me. After a very humiliating appointment at the bridal salon, it was determined that there was no way I could wear the dress without looking horrendous. I thought SIL was going to freak, but she took it in stride and we selected a different but very similar dress for me. On the day of the wedding, no one even knew the difference.

    My suggestion is to try Ann Taylor. They have great dresses and they run all the way to a 20 I think. They also run big. They're a little pricey but so are J.Crew dresses.

    Congrats on finishing your first week. I'm not a runner at all and hate running like you. Two years ago I did a half marathon to raise money for cancer. It was tough, but I survived. I'm sure you are going to do great in your 5K.

  4. I'm really impressed with you Jenni, you are so brave and honest. I think you are doing a great thing. Dont get upset by these bumps in the road. By the time the wedding gets here you will feel great and we will all party and have an awesome time together. Can't wait!

  5. kksc2nc - Thanks! You will love the office tonight. I am either doing one in Raleigh or Wake Forest the 1st or 2nd week in May. My sister and I are deciding soon and I'll let you know which one then.

    Shana - sorry you had a bad experience to begin with, I'm lucky that my friend has been really nice about everything and wants us to be happy. I looked at Ann Taylor but the colors are very limiting.

    JM - I have seen mermaid styles on Say Yes to the thanks!

    Beezus5 - Thanks Bonnie you're the best!