Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Afternoon Check In

I had a fabulous weekend of spending time with family and friends.  Friday after work I went with the bride to be to get her wedding dress altered.  Her dress is so beautiful. I can't wait for the wedding in June.

Did I mention I got the bridesmaid dress I'm wearing for the wedding? This is the dress but it's in Cornflower Blue. The dress right now is super big on me in the bust area. If this dress doesn't fit my bust I don't know whose it's made to fit then.  Luckily my mom is a seamstress pro so she can alter it for me.   I am undecided if I should wear it strapless or with the little spaghetti straps. I'll have to wait and see what it looks like once it's altered.  If I wear the straps I'm pretty sure I'm the only bridesmaid that will be, but I don't really care about that too much. I just want to do whatever will be the most flattering on me.

The count down is also on for the bride to be's Bachelorette party in Vegas. Our friend Mo Young (the matron of honor) lives in Vegas.  In less than two weeks we will be invading the Young household, well really 10 days, 260 hours, 15623 minutes, and 937421 seconds, but who is counting? Anyone have suggestions of low calorie drinks? I usually stick to light beer but I'm thinking there should be a better choice than that. Also in Vegas there will be lots of pool lounging. Swimsuit season is upon us...very scary!

I actually went to a friend's pool yesterday since it was 92 degrees out and a good opportunity to work on my tan. Older sister if you are reading this do not worry I wore sunscreen! Lounging at the pool with friends and Matt was a great end to my weekend. 


  1. Hmmm. Yes, your older sister is reading this and would like to point out that ANY tan is a sign of skin damage, whether you were wearing sunscreen or not.

  2. that photo is not as good as the one i edited.

  3. I agree with jmje ... We really bring the dresses to life. And yeah ... We'll make calorie friendly drinks ... Maybe vodka&soda/diet sprite&a splash of cranberry or lime. or rum & diet coke. But I'm still bringing a swimmy shot to try out :) low
    cal cheers! MoYoung