Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Say No to Peer Pressure

So lately the peer pressure to eat unhealthy things have been coming my way.  Most of the peer pressure comes from when I'm at work.  Yesterday we spent the day at a Durham Bulls game as a team building activity.  Usually I would be pumped to get out of the office and be outside but yesterday it was 92 degrees out! Luckily we were in the shade and there was a breeze going. 

My coworkers that were next to me at the game kept offering some of their funnel cake, candy, and french fries.  They know I'm on a mission to eat healthy and get in shape.  Even when I would say "no thanks" they would be like "oh what about just a little bit?".  Then today we got an email saying we were having a mandatory staff meeting in the afternoon.  Turns out the mandatory staff meeting was a send off for a coworker with cake.  Not just any cake either it was a delicious looking chocolate and vanilla 3 layer cake.  Everyone was like come on "just have one small piece".  I think I figured out why people like to peer pressure you to eat sweets and other unhealthy foods.  I have come to the conclusion that they feel guilty eating it and feel better when they eat in company. 

I politely decline and tell my cowokers "that I'm trying to be good".  When they reply asking if I just want a small piece or bite I respond with "if I have one bite I will want all of it".  I am not the type of person that can eat one bite of cake and walk away.  Once I have a bite and it's delicious it's really hard to not eat a whole piece.  For me I rather be ignorant about how delicious something is if it's really unhealthy. 


  1. Yes Jenni even said no to my delicious mini lemon cupcakes the other day. I let it slide since I know she's hard at work on her weight loss mention. However if you are good at portion control and self control, mini cupcakes are definitely the way to go. I also get annoyed at people demanding I eat the donuts they bring in constantly.

  2. I am right there will you - work is the absolute worst! We constantly have gobs of chocolate in my office, but I have to pretend that it's not there, because if I eat one little piece, it'll all be down hill.

    I think you hit the nail right on the head though - people don't to feel guilty when they eat unhealthy foods so they pull other people down with them. Makes me batty! But, good for you for staying strong!! Very encouraging post :)

  3. Yes I was very proud of you about turning down the mini cupcakes you have wonderful willpower!

  4. Congrats on the will power! I make a point to indulge sometimes at my choosing. But other than that, I tend to turn down group food offfers. It's just not worth it!

  5. Yes, that is why they push food on you...they feel guilty that they are eating cake while you have the self control to say no. I was at a party on Saturday and I decided to take a one-day diet vacation. I ate a lot of different things, but not a lot of any one thing. I also didn't have any birthday cake...because it was lemon with some sort of sickly sweet filling and it didn't look good. I had a cupcake though, which was delicious. But when I said no to birthday cake you would have thought I'd committed a sin. Everyone was like "Oh why aren't you eating?" Um, did you not see the big plate of chicken cutlet sandwich and macaroni salad and sausage and peppers and pasta I ate?

    Good for you not giving in to temptation. You are doing such a great job. You're keeping me inspired to stick with it...even when I'm starving and want cake!