Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In and Vegas

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

So this weekend I'm content with maintaining and not losing or gaining.  The only reason that I am satsified with that is because for half of the week I was on vacation in Vegas. And I did not eat fabulous in Vegas and I also had a night of a copious liquid calories.  So with that I feel like maintaining was good.  I think what saved me from gaining is that I ran 2 of days while I was in Vegas.  My workouts this week was 3 Couch to 5k workouts and 1 Zumba class. Oh yeah and my table was getting way too big so I decided to just the last month from now on. Okay now on to the fun stuff Vegas.....

My Favorite Things about BAJJM in Vegas
  • Scoring 5 prime lounge chairs at the Bellagio - this was no small feat, it involved me harassing some guys as they were leaving the pool, and throwing my body across the chairs as I called my friends to come join me
  • Being picked up from the airport in this car and then understanding why MoYoung said don't worry you will recognize us 

  • The amazing rooms, copious dinner, and late night food that MoYoung's baller Vegas husband got for us for free at the Bellagio. The rooms had an great view of the Bellagio fountains and the strip.
  • Saturday night...that's really all I can say...mainly because if I told you the funny parts of the evening if would involve some pretty embarrassing stories about yours truly 
  • The Acorn t-shirts that JMJE made us 
  • Seeing the Kardashians in the airport in Chicago (Okay I don't really watch that show and was not nearly as excited as the bride, also I think my lack of excitement was a bummer to the bride, mental note next time fake more enthusiasm)
  • Having my first experience of In and Out Burger
  • Whistle blowing by Beezus5 with us then all yelling "Shuck It" (this would make more sense if you knew the bride's future last name)
  • Hanging out at MoYoung's pool and hot tub
  • Winning it big at roulette in Old Vegas at the Golden Nugget (okay not big but I still won), JMJE winning much bigger the night before at Paris playing roulette
  • Watching the bride's face light up when she realized her brunch included Raspberry Entemann's (which I did not eat, I can pretend this was because I was being healthy but really I just don't care for them) and a tower of Dr Pepper   
My Least Favorite Things about BAJJM in Vegas
  • The evil airline employee who told me I would miss my flight and she pretty much didn't care (even though my flight hadn't even started boarding yet!), there were tears, and then she made me beg everyone in line if I could go in front of them (my complaint has already been written to the airline)
  • Ridiculously wasted girls on our 2nd flight that sit right in front of the bride and I
  • JMJE's and Beezus5's own flight troubles
  • My flight on the way home being delayed over an hour and thus not getting home until well after midnight (do you see a pattern with flights?!)
  • Losing money at Casino War, but I did have some great conversations with the people I was playing with (they might not agree but we'll pretend like they do)
  • In and Out burger - even though it was delicious I did not need the grease, fat, and calories 
  • Having a camera taken away from me because I was twirling it too much and asking too many random people to take our picture, but we wouldn't have these great shots if not, and JMJE your camera is just fine


  1. I think I gained a pound in vegas. The cupcakes were really good as was our dinner spread.

  2. I think it's amazing that you went to In N Out and didn't gain 5 pounds. I freaking love that place and it would be a bad scene for me to go in there right now. I'm eating a salad, but man, could I go for a burger.

  3. Also, considering the dinner spead ... Impressed that u maintained. Awesome j! Prolly those two runs in the dry Vegas weather that helped :) ... And I may send ur stories into Red Bull to prove the "wings" advertisement of that yummy beverage :)

  4. I have been afraid to weigh myself b/c of all the calories I took in this weekend. I do not know how anyone could say that they do not like entemans it is just un-american!