Friday, May 14, 2010


Soon I'll be headed to....
soon like today after work soon! Whoa man I just had a mini panic attack. I just got an email that said your flight has been canceled and we are working on rebooking you. What? Seriously? You are going to tell me my flight is canceled and that's it? I called the airline and found out that the flight was canceled because of flooding in Dallas.  And now the bride to be and I are leaving an hour earlier for Vegas! Yea! Oh but we get to Vegas 10 minutes later than originally planned. Boo!

Now I just have my fingers crossed that Beezus5 and JMJE will make it through Dallas okay. They are going earlier so hopefully there won't be problems.  Tomorrow after MoYoung (our good friend and hostess for the weekend) and I go running we will be spending the day lounging at the pool drinking some amazing drink (that is low in calories I ensure you).  We'll see what stays in Vegas and what gets blogged about from Vegas on Tuesday...


  1. Make way for the party girls! I apologize on behalf of my hometown for the poor drainage systems. tsk tsk Texans.