Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

Boo I gained .4 lbs. This morning I got on the scale looked down, got off, and got back on. I did this about 4 times.  I guess I was hoping if I wished hard enough the number would change? No such luck.  If only scales worked that way. I did put the scale on my bathmat just to see what would happen and I lost 50 lbs! Okay so that isn't real of course but wouldn't that be nice if so. I could get rich fast from marketing and selling my magic bathmat.

So this week's gain isn't a huge surprise. I had a weekend that could have been better eating wise and I only worked out 4 times this week.  All my workouts were Couch to 5k ones.  The running has gotten harder for some reason even though I'm still doing 28 minute runs. I do not know if it's because of the heat or if it's all mental.  I'm repeating Week 8 so I can mentally feel like I have the 28 minutes down before I move on to 30 minutes. This week I have had multiple things come up after work. I have been babysitting a lot and celebrating birthdays. I need to learn to get my butt out of bed early before work and get exercise in then when I have something going on after work.

On Friday I leave with my 3 besties including the bride to be for her bachelorette party in Vegas! Thanks to my other bestie MoYoung that will be hosting us in Sin City.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (except for what I decide to blog about).


  1. Also what happens in vegas stays in vegas except what I also decide to blog about.

  2. Sounds like I might need to stop back here while you are out in Vegas to keep track of your shenanigans ;) Here's a tip: don't buy ecstasy from a guy named Doug, or else you might wake up with a tiger and a baby in your room the next morning.

  3. Can't wait to see what makes the cut for y'alls blogs!