Friday, May 21, 2010

Q&A with JMJE

So I was trying to figure out what my next blog should be about when my friend JMJE from Making Stuff is Fun (she's my real life friend, not just in blog life). She suggested I make up a list of questions and answer them. I did not think that would be very entertaining I always talk about what I want to talk to. So I told her she should come up with some questions for me that she just can't live with not knowing. So here they are....

Since you started this blog what has been your hardest workout?
Definitely the most recent Couch to 5k 28 minute run workouts. They kick my butt! Tomorrow I go up to 30 minutes so as of tomorrow that will be my answer.

What has been your favorite workout?
The Tuesday night Zumba class I take at Infuzion. It's very upbeat, keeps me moving, lets me shake my butt, and the instructor is really good.

What was the hardest thing you have gone through so far on this weightloss journey?
Being patient! I want big results and I want them yesterday.  I have had to accept that's it's a journey and it is okay if I don't lose 2 lbs a week.

What kind of music do you listen to when you workout?
I have a mix on my ipod that is a wide range of upbeat songs.  Some of the artist/ groups I listen to are G Love and The Special Sauce, Fergie, Justin Timberlake (lame I know but I like that Carry Out song), and Ozomatli (if you aren't familiar than you should check this out).

Do you hate running?  Running is stupid.
I have a love - hate relationship with running.  On the 28 minute runs when I get to about the 10 minute mark I really hate it.  Once I only have a minute left then I feel like I'm pretty much in charge and I love it again. It's a vicious tricky cycle. 

Have you had any moments where you felt like just quitting?  If so what made you decide to stick with it?
I have moments where I feel like quitting probably at least once a week. It's a constant struggle to continue to eat healthy and work out. I think the working out part comes a lot easier for me than the working out. This blog a lot of the times has kept me from quitting. I feel accountable because I know that I have to post my progress (or lack of progress on Wednesday).   Also the support from my boyfriend, family, and friends has kept me from quitting.

Do you like me?
Um no way! Just kidding of course I like you. You are the other J in BAJJM. Also your blog inspired me to start this blog and that's what has helped me lose 11.4 lbs so far. :)

What is your favorite low-cal meal that you have eaten/made since starting this?
Whole wheat ziti with turkey meatballs because it's super easy to make, very yummy, and probably most importantly it's the meal that Matt always makes.  There is something about being cooked for that makes a meal taste even better.
What is your favorite healthy dessert?
Skinny Cow Truffle Chocolate bars....they are so delicious.

What is your favorite non-reality tv show?
Hands down The Office it's hilarious. Also working in an office I can relate to a lot of crazy stuff that happens. The kind of things that if I did not work in an office I would think could never be true.

Who is your weightloss hero?
There isn't one person that comes to mind. There are a lot of people that I admire and have been impressed with.  Really anyone that has managed to lose a lot of weight in a healthy way and maintain it.

Are you scared of Jillian from the Biggest Loser?
Yes scared but I would still sign up in a heart beat to be trained by her. I do well with the scare tactics. Well not necessarily having to be scared but more the tactics that push me really hard. I enjoy being pushed and knowing I got in a really good workout that I wouldn't have done otherwise.  And usually when I am pushed that hard it ends up being scary.


  1. Great Hard hitting interview. I also like those skinny cow bars.

  2. Hey there! Great Q&A.

    Btw, I came here by way of your WW posting the other day! Feel free to check out my blog too!

  3. Good job Jenni and Good job JMJE for asking the questions. and for the record, i like JT- he is not lame.

  4. I know what you mean about the love-hate relationship with running! I'm doing a take-off of Couch - 5K and I'm only at 5 mins of continuous running, atm. 28 minutes is awesome!! I can't wait until I get up there. Good luck with the 30 mins next week!

  5. I was going to guess pasta & meatballs was your favorite, for that same reason :) And there is no judging someone based on what they listen to while they run, my playlist has plenty of songs on it that I should probably be embarrassed about.