Monday, May 24, 2010

Unsurprise Birthday Party!

On Saturday two of my besties Beezus5 and JMJE threw me a surprise birthday party! Well it really ended up being an unsurprise birthday party.  My birthday is May 30th but I'll be in Boston then. Yay! That meant that I had to celebrate my birthday with my local friends early. Birthdays really should be a week long celebration anyway.  I had a babysitting gig for Friday and Saturday night so I planned on meeting my friend's for brunch on Sunday. When my Friday night gig was canceled I was ready to throw myself a party.

I was at lunch giving the plan to my roommate/ boyfriend and he was gettnig all flustered.  I didn't think anything was going on as it isn't unusual for him to get flustered when trying to get the right words out. I was ready to send an email to all my friends to invite them to my Friday night birthday bash when he was like "fine okay I guess I have to tell you..". He spilt the beans about the Surprise Mexican Lunch Birthday party that my friend's were planning. I was so touched! I have never had a surprised birthday party before (and I guess technically still have not).  Even though my boyfriend felt bad for letting it out I was the one that got the blame. I was just trying to throw a party and have fun. I'm innocent I say innocent!

Regardless of surprise or no surprise the party was great. I ate a delicious Mexican lunch with 18 of my friends and I even had a piece of chocolate cake. It was my birthday party after all! Has anyone else had a surprise party that didn't happen as planned? Or maybe been the one throwing the party? Do other people eat cake at their parties when on other days they won't?

Thanks Beezus5 and JMJE for a great birthday party!


  1. I'm glad you still enjoyed the party. Like you said, you were still surprised...just not when you arrived at the restaurant.

  2. Happy early birthday. I'm so glad you had a great party. Even if it wasn't a surprise.

    I helped my friend's parents plan a surprise 21st for her and she made it so freaking impossible that I had to tell her about an hour before the party. We had told her she had to go to a company Christmas party with her parents and she was throwing a tantrum because she was mad at her father and didn't want to go. I finally had to tell her just to get her out of the house. It was still a fun party!

  3. I think you should have still emailed us all and about wanting to have people over on Friday night, then we could have all ignored you which made you really mad and upset and then on Sat. you would have been super surprised because you were really not expecting a party after we all ignore you.... next time.....