Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

This week equals a big blah! I did lose this week but only 0.6 lbs.  I was doing so well with eating and working out and then on Monday I came down with a yucky stomach bug.  There went the 2 additional workouts I had planned and instead I did a lot of sleeping and laying on the couch.  I was hoping that my small appetite would out weigh the lack of workouts the last few days. I am happy that I still lost but I really wanted to see a least a pound gone.  Next week I will just have to lose at least 1.4 pounds to make up for it.

My workouts this week were a BodyJam class and 2 power walks/ hikes with Matt. Thanks Matt for walking with me on the weekends! We have been exploring a lot of trails in the area. Every trail so far as been full of hills which really helps burn more calories. 

This coming week I have a few small weddings things to do.  On Saturday I have a crazy busy day with a hair cut, baby shower, football game, and My So Called Life watching reunion with my besties.  I'm excited for football season to start but not as excited for tailgating food.  I am going to have to pack my own food I think.  While everyone else is enjoying their fried chicken I'll have my sandwich on wheat bread.  Who wants a cold beer when instead you can be having a nice ice glass of water? Yummy!


  1. Losing some is always better than losing none or gaining. Wootle.

  2. Just glad you are feeling better!!!