Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Trip and a Wedding

So tomorrow Matt and I take off for Atlanta for his friend's wedding. Sounds fun right? Well yes and no. Yes I'm excited to go and meet some of his college friends and to get out of town for the weekend. But I'm not excited for the copious amounts of food that I'm sure will be at the wedding, not to mention the cake, and then the other dinning out.

So I need a plan. A plan that will help me survive the weekend without feeling guilty and defeated. Dinner on the road tomorrow will probably be Subway. Subway is a great healthy and fast option. I usually get their turkey sub on wheat bread. I can eat a 6 inch sub and baked chips for 8 Weight Watchers points. Not bad. Another option is Chick-Fil-a. My go to healthy meal there is their 8 count nuggets and either a side salad or their fruit salad. This meal is also 8 WW points. What do other people eat when they are on the go and want something healthy?

Breakfast both days are going to be at the Embassy Suites. I'm going to go for an egg white omelet and fruit. The more veggies I can get loaded in the omelet the tastier and more filling it will be. If I can I'll also sneak a banana out of there for a snack later on. Also I bet on Saturday I can convince Matt to join me at the hotel gym to get some cardio in.

The wedding itself might be the hardest to tackle because I won't have control over what I'm served. I'm going with a good attitude and a plan to make the smartest choices I can. Getting a work in on Saturday will be key! I'll let you know on Monday how the weekend goes. Anyone have tips for eating healthy while traveling?


  1. jenni! love the blog! now i have more fun stuff to read about bajj :) have fun at your wedding this weekend - cheers! MoYoung

  2. Thanks Mo! It might be time to create a google account so you aren't "anonymous" anymore. Now that you are such a blogger follower. :)

  3. I have a tip. It is called, don't drink too much and then order a hamburger at like 1 in the morning. But my husband can give you tips. He had to figure out how to eat healthy since he travels for work a few days a week sometimes. I think he used the eat this, not that travel book.