Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Rehash

The weekends have always been my pitfall when trying to eat healthy and exercise. There is less structure, more social events, more eating out, and more room to be relaxed. So to hold me accountable on the weekends I decided every Monday morning I'll have a "Monday Morning Rehash" post.

This past weekend I was in Atlanta for a wedding. Friday we left after work and with a 7 1/2 hour drive (which should have been only 6 hours) dinner was on the road. We stopped at a Chick-Fil-A where I got my go to meal of chicken nuggets and a fruit salad. It helps that Matt doesn't order fries that much. It would have been cruel if I had to smell delicious waffle fries in the car as I ate my fruit salad. Luckily he's a good guy and wouldn't do that to me.

Saturday at the wedding they had buffet style cesar salad, lasagna, asparagus, and texas toast. There weren't a lot of options to pick from so I piled on the salad and asparagus and had a serving of lasagna. I wasn't able to resist the cupcakes that they had at the wedding in lieu of wedding cake though. I did stop myself from having mulitple cupcakes. Before I probably would have wanted to try the different kinds. I worked around this by Matt and I splitting 2 different cupcakes. I got to taste a smores and a chocolate goodness one while still eating only 1.

My biggest win on Saturday was in the morning when Matt and I hit the gym at the hotel. It must have been a sign when I realized the hotel gym was 5 rooms down from us. Matt jumped on the tread mill and I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Having my new iphone was a great distraction as was the personal tv the elliptical had. At 30 minuets I almost put the towel in but I pushed forward to finish my 40 minute goal.

Also on Saturday we went to the Coca Cola musuem store and bought a $2 Coke frisbee and spent some time in Centennial Park throwing around the frisbee. The 60 degree weather got me very excited for Spring and the potential for outdoor exercise.

On the way back to NC yesterday we stopped at Subway for lunch. I love their subs and their low calorie options but not so much that I think I will become Jared. I like a little more variety than that. The weekend ended perfectly by going to the Duke vs. Virginia Tech game and watching Duke win!


  1. Word! I think your biggest win was definitely the work out. I packed my running shoes with me on my recent trip to Richmond but it was a "no go" on the workout front.

  2. You know I used to always be the first one picked for ultimate frisbee back in the day ;) I probably wasn't ever as good as our buddy Zeke though.

  3. You don't want to be Jared. I just read that he is racking up the pounds again. Way to go Jenni!