Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

Boo! I gained 1.3 pounds this week.  It really didn't come as much of a surprise to me.  I feel like I didn't have a great weekend with eating. Not terrible but not as good as I needed it to be.  For some reason then I just wrote the whole week off which was stupid. I am back to tracking every bite today and making sure I can make up for last week this week.

I worked out 4 times this week.  All 4 workouts were runs to prepare for the 5k I'm running in November.  This week I really was able to ramp my runs up.  My last run on Monday I ran for 36 minutes with just 1 1/2 minutes of walking in the middle.  It really helped that I went running with my friend Mrs. Acorn and her dog Barkley.  Amanda's pace is a little faster than mine so she was ahead of me for the most part, but not so far enough that I couldn't see her.  If we went around corners and I got out of Barkley's site he would turn around and look for me.  I should run with Barkley more often! We ran 3 miles in the 36 minutes which puts me at a 12 minute mile.  If I can run the 5k doing a 12 minute mile I will be happy. Nothing wrong with slow and steady!

This morning I also have started a new breakfast.  I like to eat breakfast at my desk in the morning. It gives me more time at home in the morning and I find eating later helps hold me over to lunch.  My new breakfast is instant oatmeal and then I add unsweetened applesauce to it.  I also will have a banana with it.  I wasn't sure how the oatmeal was going to taste but with the added applesauce it was actually really good.  I need to bring some cinnamon in to work. I think with an added sprinkle of cinnamon it would be even better.
Okay mine didn't look as fabulous as this but I'm sure if I had thrown pieces of apple into it then it would have.


  1. When I used to eat breakfast at work I would take a thing of fat free yogurt and a little bag with special k in it and mix it together. It was good. Its good to switch it up sometimes but as you know I'm a staunch supporter of cheerios for breakfast.

  2. Impressive run Jenni.... I am jealous. I am not there yet. I have another run today and you and Mrs. Acorn will be inspiration to run even further. And I alternate having yogurt (sometimes with granola) and a special K granola bar in the mornings. And lots of coffee.... I heart coffee.

  3. Barkley is such a good running partner! Y'all are gonna have such a good 5K. Sounds like training is going well - cheers! (Err, water cheers, b/c drinking + running doesn't = a good 5K, even if it may be a good story)