Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

Yay I lost again this week! I'm down 1 more pound and I worked out a total of 5 times.  My workouts were 2 Zumba classes, BodyJam class, BodyCombat class, and a power walk with Matt on Sunday.  Today after work I'm starting back on a modified Couch to 5k program.  My friend Shanzie just started the Couch to 5k program and asked me if I wanted to run a 5k with her in late November or early December.  I am going to start today with week 3 of the Couch to 5k program and I plan on running 2 times a week.

Next week I'm also going to go to my first Bikram Yoga class with Mrs. Acorn. I'm a little nervous about it. I mean 90 minutes doing Yoga in 105 degree heat...should be interesting to say the least.  Who knows maybe I'll love it. I feel like I should give at least give it a shot to find out.

This weekend I am headed to Florida to see my future in-laws and to go to a Gator football game. I should be able to get a run in on Saturday morning while I'm there. I also am mentally preparing for making good choices when I eat out.  I have to prove to myself that I can travel and not gain weight for the week.  Wish me luck!


  1. Making good decisions still allows you to have a piece of Wright's cake before the game on Saturday, right? That's the real highlight of the trip, after all :)

  2. Yay Jenni! I am excited for our 5k. I did the week one program once, then I went onto week 2 yesterday. I think I will start with week 3 like you and do that 3 times and then go from there and follow the rest of the program as laid out. I am pumped.