Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

Yay I lost 1.1 lbs this weeks!  It feels really good that I haven't gained in the last 6 weeks! 2 of those 6 weeks I did maintain but that's a lot better than gaining.  I worked out 5 times this week.  My workouts were 3 Couch to 5k workouts, 1 BodyCombat class, and 1 Zumba class. 

Running is getting harder and harder. I had originally planned on running 2 times a week but since then I realized if I was going to be ready to run a 5k in November that I needed to run at least 3 times a week Overall I'm really excited about the 5k.  I am running it with 4 of my closest friends, all of whom I went to high school with.  I am nervous that I won't be ready in time for the November 13th race but I try to push that thought out of my mind.  It's a pretty level course so as long as I keep training I should be able to push myself to finish that 5k. 

Did I mention that I got a promotion at work? I am really excited about it but it is causing a little bit of craziness at the time.  I'm currently learning my new job, doing my old job, and training people for my old position. 

This coming weekend Matt and I are headed to my hometown to celebrate my sister and brother in-laws birthday on Saturday.  Also I'll see some of my good friends that night. Then on Sunday I am going with my family to the NC Zoo.  I haven't been to the zoo since I was little so I excited to go back and to see my 3 year old nephews reaction to all the animals.


  1. Nice job. The 5k will be awesome especially if my dad gets us magic gold toe socks. That will really push you over the edge. That and the alphabet game.

  2. This makes me smile. You have come a long way girl KEEP it UP!!! Congrats on the promotion!!

    Also, on the 5K keep in mind what you are running for. I've done a few of these and the biggest reward was crossing the finish line That's all you have to do.

  3. Good Job Jenni! Also, isnt the Halloween thing at the zoo this weekend? THat will be super cute. You will have fun.

  4. Good job! Looking forward to hanging out on saturday. You are Awesome, Bodacious, Candescent, Dazzling, Effervescent, Foxy, Etc.!

  5. This is a great post - congrats on the continued weight loss and on your promotion! Exciting fall. The 5K will be really fun (and rewarding) and I love the zoo!

  6. Thanks everyone! It is Boo at the Zoo this weekend. I forgot about that.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss and the promotion.

    You are going to do great at the 5K. I can't wait to hear about it.

    Also, something someone told me when I ran my first race...the best part is not crossing the finish line. The best part is seeing the finish line for the first time and knowing that you are going to cross it. Good luck!