Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

So I lost 1 lb this week. Not terrible but not amazing either. I worked out 5 times this week.  All of my workouts were training for the 5k I have coming up in a 1 1/2 weeks.  I really have been able to see progress.  On Sunday I ran 3 miles without stopping! Well it might be safer to call it a jog since I averaged a 12 minute mile. Like I said before though I'm not really concerned with speed right now. 

This coming weekend I am headed to my hometown for JMJE's 30th Birthday extravaganza. Very excited for that and to hang out with my besties. Nothing much else going on this week out of the ordinary.


  1. Good job! My birthday party will probably be legendary.

  2. When I ran my half marathon I averaged a 13 minute mile. It was slow and my time was ridiculous. There were people walking faster than I was running. But I didn't care because I did it and I finished. You are doing a great job. A 12 minute mile is very impressive for someone who just started running.

  3. A 12 min mile is awesome!!! I was like Shana in my first race. In the end it didn't matter the time crossing the finsh line is what mattered. Keep up with your success!!

  4. I am very proud and a little jealous to be honest that you ran 3 miles without stopping. Who cares how long it takes?! I am also averaging a 12 minute mile but I am not to 3 miles consecutively yet. :( it's ok, I just want to finish (and preferably not be last).