Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginingWork Outs in Week

This week I lost 1.4 lbs again! :)  I worked out 4 times this week.  My workouts were 2 Zumba classes, a power walk/ hike with Matt, and then on Sunday I did a Wii EA Active sports workout, a core workout (taped off of Fit TV), and a 2 mile hike to go swimming at a rock quarry. 

It has been nice to have a few weekends in a row that I have not been going out of town.  I have really been able to focus more and get my act in gear.  I do need to learn to be able to travel and still lose weight though. Next time I go out of town will be in the middle of October when I go to Florida with Matt to go to a Gator's football game with him.  I am going to do a lot of planning ahead to make that weekend a success.  I can bring healthy snacks and look up restaurants ahead of time to make good choices. 
This coming weekend I am going wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister.  Then Saturday night we have a big birthday extraveganza in my hometown to celebrate 5 birthdays!


  1. Good Job. Way to keep up the good work. I thought you were coming to gbo to see me and go to Feeney's. What is this about Bdays?

  2. Yay Jenni! And have fun this weekend dress shopping and celebrating birthdays. Sounds pretty awesome :)