Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginingWork Outs in Week

So every week when I put my weight into it says I have lost 18 lbs more than what I put on here.  This is because I have been using Weight Watchers online tools since the first time I started Weight Watchers in September of 2009.  From September of 2008 to July of 2009 I lost a total of 42.2 lbs! Then from July 2009 to when I started this blog in February I gained back 24.2 lbs. I was so disappointed that I let myself gain back what I had worked so hard to lose.  I am glad that I did not gain back all 42 lbs and maintained 18 lbs.

I decided I wanted to add my change from my original start on to here. Even though I have lost 31.4 lbs from the beginning of my weight lose journey sometimes it doesn't feel like since it's been a stop and go process.  I feel like I should give myself the credit for the full amount lost.  Also this will make my weigh in chart here consistent with what is online on Weight Watchers. With that said I also still wanted to be able to see what I have lost just from when I started my efforts over again with this blog.  For this reason you will now see 2 columns one that shows my total lost from my  new start and one that shows the total lost from the beginning. 

So this week I lost 0.8 lbs.  This morning my scale was acting a little crazy and it went in between me loosing 1 lb and 0.8 lbs. I'm recording 0.8 lbs to make sure. Maybe it's time for a new scale? I don't know maybe all scales act a little crazy from time to time. It also could just be the way I was standing on the scale too. Who knows!  I worked out a total of 4 times this week. My workouts were a Cardio Jam class, Zumba, Body Pump class (a group barbell weight class), and a Body Combat class.  This week my goal is to work out 5 times and for at least 2 of those workouts to be running.


  1. Good job! You will probably lose some weight during the intense games of the OIB beach Olympics 2010.

  2. We can go running at the beach if you want! I was planning on it and I bet Eric will run too. I dont run fast, so we can run together if you want.

  3. I like the additional column - very nice and good job! I am sure all Beach Weekend Attendees will burn around 1,000 calories a day, as the games seem very intense. Good luck teams!

  4. Congrats on the loss and have fun at the beach!