Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

So this week I lost 0.2 lbs...very disappointing!  I not exactly sure why I did not loose more.  I stayed on track point wise, counted everything I ate, and I worked out 6 days.  The last time I did Weight Watchers for the first months I consistently lost 1-2 lbs a week.  The only thing I am doing differently now is working out more and doing the Couch 2 5k program.  So maybe I am gaining muscle and my muscles are sore so they are retaining fluids? I did read on a Couch 2 5k program that a few people lost weight slower while they did it.  I am of course not going to stop working out as much or doing the C25k workouts.  I am going to take my measurements again tonight to see if maybe I have lost inches.  Very frustrating but all I can do is continue doing what I'm doing and hopefully the scale will reflect my hard work soon!

My workouts this week were 3 Couch 2 5k workouts, 1 3 mile brisk walk, 1 Zumba class, and 1 Abs/ Stretching/ Yoga recorded class from Fit TV.  My abs are killing me today with the combination of the Abs workout and then doing Zumba yesterday.  I must say though being sore from working out is always a good sore. 

So yesterday was my first ever Zumba class.  I have heard people rave about it and I wanted to find out what this new craze was about.  I found a place called Infuzion that has music classes, dance classes, a fitness center, and Zumba classes.  The best part is you can pay per class.  The class was not just latin music and dance moves it was also hip hop, something I would call more African music and dancing, and then just plain silliness.  And by silliness I mean skipping, throwing your arms around, and shaking your butt. At times I felt a little ridiculous but then I looked around and realized we all looked ridiculous.  The last 15 minutes of the class were mat exercises and stretches.  I overall enjoyed the class because it was up beat, kept me moving for 45 minutes, and had me sweating like crazy.  I will definitely be back to take another one of her classes. 

This coming week my goal is workout 6 days again.  This weekend Matt's friend's and his dad are coming to town for reunion weekend at Duke.  Matt has his 10 year reunion from Duke undergrad and his dad has his 40th reunion.  I also am going to my friend's bridal shower on Saturday and hanging out with my best friends from High School.  My goal is to eat healthy regardless of being at reunion events and bridal showers and like always in these situation make good decisions and portion control.  Wish me luck!


  1. I would not think that C25K would cause much muscle gain. And you've been doing for several weeks now, so I don't think it'd be affecting the scale at this point.

    I'd maybe a closer look at what you're eating. Sometimes it's not about the total points you're eating but what you're eating instead. Are you fulfilling your GHGs? What are you spending your WPA and AP on? These are the things that I'd look at for faster weight loss.

    Remember, any loss or even a maintain is better than a gain. And you did lose .2 pounds. Slowly but surely does win the race. You'd rather have slow losses that are sustainable long term than quick losses that are just gained back.

  2. Keep on keeping on. Zumba seems like something that would scared me a little bit.

  3. Wishing you luck. Also, I highly recommend taking body measurements. I have found sometimes when I don't lose scale wise I lose inch wise. I think it's great how you are getting your exercise in. I have been struggling with that. Most importantly your scale is going the right way. :) Have a great day!

  4. I bet that as you are able to run farther and longer you will see more results as well. Running 1.5 miles burns about 175-200 calories but running a full 5K burns over twice that amount, which adds up over several runs a week. Don't get discouraged, you have been doing a great job sticking to the plan so far!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Candice I usually eat all of my WPs and don't eat my APs (sometimes I end up using a few of them). Some of my WPs are used a regular day for run over and the others are used to eat a dinner out on the weekend. I don't go crazy eating out. I make good decisions but eating out usually always means using more points than eating at home. I don't eat my APs because I find I don't need to and because I like to have a cushion in case I'm under estimating when I eat out.

    I do not strictly follow the HGs but do usually full fill them other than the healthy oil one. I have a hard time with getting the healthy oils in. Maybe following them more strictly will help. Thanks for all your suggestions!

  6. If you stick to your plan and keep working as hard as you have been, you'll definitely see more results soon. Hang in there!

  7. Hello:) I came by from Lady Bloggers. I am also on a weight loss journey and have been a yo-yo dieter for years. I did well on WW in the past but am now doing South Beach. Good luck!