Monday, December 6, 2010

Weight Watchers New Points Plus Program

A few weeks ago Weight Watchers announced a new program called Points Plus. I have been using Points Plus for the last week and so far I have mixed feelings about it.  I will start with the cons of the program so I can end on a positive note.

What I Do Not Like about Points Plus 

- Points are now calculated on fat, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Anything I had previously entered into my online plan manage is now obsolete and has to be entered again. This by far is the most annoying thing. I had tons of stuff that isn't in their data base entered. I also had recipes in there. Recipes are time consuming to enter!
- I can no longer guesstimate points in my head based on the calories.

- My little Weight Watchers points calculator is no good to me.
- A lot of the things I eat are more points than they use to be. This is mostly a mental thing because I do get a bigger point allotment pre day.

What I like about Points Plus

- Points are now calculated on fat, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.  I like that Weight Watchers is now looking at the bigger picture and taking more into consideration than calories, fat, and fiber. Why don't calories matter anymore though? Because the other things are what make up the calories?
- Even though a lot of items are more points now it seems to still work out about the same. I typically end the day right on track with my points or by using a few of my weekly points just like I did with the old program.
- Most fruits are now zero points. I'm not exactly sure how this works but I'll take it.

Overall the new plan is okay. It really comes down that I will need time to get use to the new program. Hopefully eventually I will able to figure out how to mentally guesstimate points in my head. Before I knew that every 50 calories were usually 1 point. If an item is high in fat it would take it up to more and if it was high in fiber it would take it down. This is when I wish I was still going to meetings. It would be useful to hear what a meeting leader has to say about the program. Does anyone know of a good way to guesstimate points values with the new program?


  1. That sounds complex. I will bring you the white board next time i see you.

  2. Thanks for this post...I was wondering about the new point system. Keep us posted on how you like it. I am sure after the first out company will be doing it's annual 16 week program.

  3. I try to guess before I calculate, just to see if I'm close at all. Most of my carb-heavy foods (granola bars, brown rice, wheat bread) are now 2 points more than they used to be.

    I will also need some more time before I truly love the new plan, but for now it seems pretty simular. Like you, I eat my DP plus a few WP each day, just like before.