Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalTotal From BeginningWork Outs in Week

Another week past and a small lose to show for it.  After working out last Wednesday at lunch and writing about it here I realized I spoke too soon.  That night was probably the worst for my coughing fits. I think the running kicked my asthma into high gear.  I laid low for a few days after that and now I'm feeling a lot better! Still coughing at night but not nearly as bad. 

My workouts this week were 1 run, 1 workout on the Arc trainer at the gym, and then another lunch workout but on the elliptical this time.  I have so far really liked the few times I have worked out at lunch. I don't have to get up earlier than normal and then I love the feeling of knowing my workout for the day as already been completed.

My work has a conference center/ hotel for students when they come to residencies here and the staff have access to the gym there.  It's nice because it's right here at work. They have a locker room with showers and everything too. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I will use this as a way to get in my workouts when I have something to do right after work.  Like today I am going to the Duke basketball game tonight so I'll get my workout in during lunch.

Last night Matt and I put up our Christmas tree. I love Christmas time! It was so nice to eat dinner with the tree lights on in the background.  Now I need to wrap some presents to put under it!


  1. Nice Tree! Mine is probably only slightly better. :) You just really need to focus on hanging up your stockings now.

  2. Oh, love the tree! And that Arc Trainer looks pretty awesome! I wish I had one of those at my gym.