Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free to Breathe 5k with Club Shannon

Saturday morning Matt and I rolled out of bed bright and early at 7 am.  (Kelly if you are reading this I know you are thinking “wait until you have kids!”, but I don’t have kids and 7 am on a weekend day equals too early)  I had a light breakfast of toast and a little bit of milk followed by a lot of water.  My friend Amanda and her new husband came over to ride with us and we were off. 

We got to the race and met up with the rest of Club Shannon.  JMJE from Making Stuff is Fun appropriately made the ladies “Club Shannon” t-shirts to run in.  I liked them because it made it easy to spot my friends during the 5k and well of course because they are fabulous.  After a short delay and some confusion on where the race starts we were off.  I started with Matt next to me for about 2 seconds until he zoomed off ahead of me. That was fine I didn’t expect for anyone to run with me and really to be honest did not want someone to.  I do not like when I run with Matt (or anyone) and they are right in front of me. It makes me feel like I need to catch up with them the whole time and I don’t need that stress when running.  Also this race was about me. It was about me crossing the finish line knowing I did my best and pushed myself. It was not about me being faster than my friends (which is good since I wasn’t).

About a mile into the race we approached the first turn around of the loop. A guy from a radio station was at the turn around and was saying “Good job you are half way there”. I got really excited until I looked at my iPhone and realized it had only been 12 minutes.  I then knew he was either a big fat liar or I was going to majorly improve my 5k time.  Sadly he was spreading lies to everyone.

For some reason I had a really harder time than normal running this 5k. I have decided to try why and I have come up with the following reasons:

1. My Nike sensor thing didn’t start working when I started off, I knew the time, but not my pace or how long I had ran, and I don’t do well with the unknown
2. It’s really hard to not focus on the run when you are in an actual race and are surrounded by other people running
3. I had never run this course before and had no idea where the half way point was (see number 1 to reference my feelings for the unknown)
4. For some reason I had negative vibes in my head…things like “why in the world did I decide to do this” to “I feel like I might die” and also “that’s it who cares I’m going to walk”

Despite my poor attitude I didn’t walk at all. At times I jogged s-l-o-w-l-y but that’s okay as long as I didn’t walk.  I finished the 5k in 37 minutes and 37 seconds. 37 seconds over my goal but I’ll take it, especially since my real goal was to finish it without walking.  I don’t want to stop running now that the 5k is over. I think a spring 5k is in my future…anyone game to join in?

Team Club Shannon after the race. (And yes that is my fiance in the winter hat and gloves that you can't see while we are all in short sleeves. He's such a Florida guy!)

PS - How could I forget one of the best parts of the 5k which was the celebration brunch after wards with everyone
PSS - Of course the really best part of the 5k was that it raised over $75,00 0 for Lung Cancer research


  1. Yeah those people who said we were halfway were liars. But our shirts were super awesome even though I made them last minute.

  2. We all did a fabulous job. Im totally up for another run whenever!

  3. I'm so proud of you for finishing and for running the whole time!!! Great job.

  4. I laughed out loud several times during my reading of this post Jenni! Your reasons are true and made me smile :) Y'all are all awesome for doing the 5K and congrats on not walking!!

  5. Congrats to you Jenni and the whole team... I am really glad we did it and am excited to run another one. Go Team Club Shannon!

  6. Well done Jenni! I would like to do another 5K in late winter or early spring -- maybe we can find one to do together.