Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bikram Yoga Take Two

Last night I went to my second Bikram Yoga class with my old roommate.  This time was a little better than last time. I think the biggest difference was that I knew what to expect during the whole class.  There were still times when I had to sit down and take some deep breaths before I could keep going. The heat is just so intense!

I also had a big towel under me this time which makes a huge difference.  Trying to do those poses with sweat dripping and then you slipping on your sweat is not so awesome. I made the mistake of not knowing my instructors name the last time I went so I ended up with the same one this time. She sounds like she is a  auctioneer instead of auctioning things off though she is demanding you stretch into awkward poses. She says "lean back, way back, keep going back, push back, you might feel like you are strangling yourself but you aren't, keep pushing back". I wanted to tell her "that I was going to push her back, way back.".

The pose I probably hate the most is the Locust pose. It's the most painful and unnatural thing. You have to somehow cram your arms under your body with your palms facing up. Your elbows are suppose to be under your body too. My old roommate and I were in the back row and were trying to figure this pose out when the instructor looks at us and says "just because you are in the back row doesn't mean you can not do it, I can see everything, get your elbows underneath your body". What? Really? I wasn't trying to cheat the teacher I was trying to figure out how to get my body to move in that way.
Looks like a lot of fun...huh? The best part of class is at the end when you get to just lay there and they bring you a cold washcloth for your face that has a citrus scent to it. Then after class when I finally get to breath in air that is not over 100 degrees and they give you an flavored ice. That flavored ice is the best 25 calories.


  1. GOod job. Although that does not sound that fun. Especially the part about sliding around in your own sweat.

  2. I'm at work right now, but I'm dying to get on the floor and try that...because really, how does it work. I'm pretty sure my body is never going that way. I give you major props for even attempting it. Good for you!

  3. The flavor ice is only 25 calories?!? That's amazing!!!! It saved my life. Great post, Jenni!! And that's so true, she totally sounded like an auctioneer instead of a calming, serene yoga instructor.

  4. thanks for sharing your experience. I am so going to try this when I get home.

    I am glad you went back. Have a great day!!

  5. What an awful instructor! Seriously, how does she keep her job? Aside from her, it sounds not so bad. I do like to sweat when I work out b/c then I feel like I've actually done something. Not sure that's how the body really works ... but guess it's a mental thing. But glad the second try was better!

  6. Thanks guys! Shana I want to hear how it went when you tried that pose. :)