Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

Good morning! I guess I can say I'm consistent with last week in that I lost 1 lb this week. I feel like it's slow but it's going in the right direction and it's a healthy amount to loose. If I can continue to loose 1 pound a week until my wedding in May that will be 43 pounds in addition to the 12 I already lost would be a total of 55 pounds!

This week I had 3 workouts which is weak. I did a yoga class, a body combat class (kickboxing), and a long beach walk on Saturday. The beach was great this weekend! It was so nice to go and relax with Matt. To end the weekend we stopped by my sister's to hang out with my niece and nephew. I took a nap with my nephew because he did not want to nap by himself and you do not have to twist my arm to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Also I could not turn down the chance to snuggle with the little guy.  After nap time and a little garbage truck playing it was time for Matt and I to get home. I almost didn't leave because Alex kept saying "No Nini, no!" (I'm Aunt Nini to him) and holding on to my leg.  If Matt was not with me I would have been like okay I'm staying. I'm a sucker like that!

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was on Friday I took Matt on a Sunset Cruise for our anniversary. Pretty huh?


  1. Way to keep it steady. Kids are really in to garbage trucks these days. At least it keeps them off the streets.

  2. My nephew did that to me recently. I had to leave and he threw a fit. He refused to let me go. So I stayed. After about 15 minutes he looked at me and said "Ok, it's time for you to go now." Gee thanks!

    Great job with the loss this week.

  3. Congrats! Beach trip & weight loss - pretty good week :) and happy anniversary to u & Matt!

  4. Good job on the loss. And you should have heard Alex's wail when he saw your car pull away . . . .

  5. Thanks everyone! Shana kids are funny. My nephew tells me I can go all the time and then I'm like okay I'm going home and he's like wait no!

  6. Hi Jenni! Stopping by from Lady Bloggers. At least your weight is moving in the right direction:) Ah, if only I could say the same right now. Happy belated anniversary.