Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Funday

Early Sunday morning Matt took off for a week of traveling for work.  I was super productive yesterday. There is something about being home alone that makes me get things done that I have been putting off.  Maybe it is because I have no one to distract me or maybe it is because I kept telling myself  “Oh I’ll do that when Matt is gone to X Games”.    

Anyway yesterday morning I woke up and went to a Step Aerobics class at my new gym.  I was a little
skeptical going in because the last Step class I went to was high impact and I think it’s what spur my stress fracture in my foot. I decided to try the class out and to take it easy if they started to do a lot of high impact moves. I got to the class and was surprised to find that I was the youngest person there.  I would say the average age of the group was 60 years old.  I was like this is going to be so easy. If the senior citizens can do it then it will be no problem for me. Ha was I wrong!

I could keep up physically with the class but I could not keep up with the routines and moves.  The instructor was all over the place. I just kept moving and tried to fake it that I knew what I was doing.  I didn’t do a good job of faking it though because at the first water break a man who must have been in his 80’s was like “Are you keeping up okay? I know it can be tricky.” I was like great the guy who could be my grandfather is concerned for me.  The class only got trickier and I only got more lost. As soon I was beginning to catch on to a routine she moved on to the next one. And then to my horror at the end she put all the routines together. That was just kind of a joke really. I just hopped around and pretended like I did not care that I couldn’t keep up. In reality I didn’t really care that much. I mean I went to get a good workout and I did get one. I was just as sweaty and worn out as the other people in the room. 

At the end of the class though I realized the instructor was a substitute. It made me think maybe the regular instructor is easier to keep up with? I had written off going to that class again but now I’m thinking I might give it another go? What do you guys think should I try it again or just go to the Pilates/ Tai Chi/ Yoga class that is after it instead?   

The rest of my Sunday Funday I cleaned my bathroom, bedroom, grocery shopped, did dishes, laundry, organized a bunch of my child hood stuff my mom made me take from her house, and I even mopped Matt’s bathroom floor. After all the work I decided to reward myself with going to see Toy Story 3. It was really good and I found myself laughing and even tearing up at one point. Hey don't judge until you have seen the movie. The best part was that I was solo so no one was there to witness the one or two tears that might have fallen. 


  1. I am always super productive when B is gone. Or when I get to work from home. I am not good at following dance type/step type workouts. I would probably fail and just have to stand in the corner running in place or something.

  2. I am the least coordinated person on the planet, so I tend to stay away from step aerobics. The one time I did go to a class I ended up stepping out early because I just kept tripping over my own feet. I do much better in classes that don't require me to change up the routine too the body sculping class I used to take where we did one move over and over.

    I think you should give it another try. Maybe after you go once or twice more you'll get more familiar with the routine and feel more comfortable.

  3. Haha!! The last time I went to a kickboxing class I had to leave after like 10 minutes - it was so crowded and I was so off - I pretty much saved the women's lives around my by leaving (as I was likely to kick them). But I think you should try the other instructor - just in case. And I too am so much more productive when Justin's not around. I think they're just such a better option than housework - why wouldn't we chose them?!

  4. We'll see how brave I'm feeling on Sunday. I also just don't think Step is my thing. I might stick with what I know I can do.

  5. I hate those kind of classes when everyone already knows the routine because they always go. I went to a cardiodance class like that once and i hated it. I just ended up scowling in the back and hopping from one foot to the other. I say do something else and screw those kindly physically fit elderly people.

  6. Bonnie I might go with your advice...we'll see