Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

So I moved in the right direction this week by going down 1 lb. I was so good this week and I was hoping for better results but I'll take what I can get. I didn't eat out out very much at all this week and I logged everything I ate. I also worked out 4 times. I did Zumba, ran twice, and did a Body Combat class at my new gym. The Body Compact class was really just kickboxing. It's a great class for a workout and to get any frustrations out. You just punch and kick it all out. Zumba this week wasn't the best. It was with a different instructor and she was good just a completely different style. The usual instructor plays all kinds of music and has major high energy. Last night was all Latin music and dancing which I guess is what Zumba is really more suppose to be.

Tonight I am going to a beginning Yoga class. I'm not very flexible so this should be interesting. Then tomorrow I'm going to try a Body Jam class which I think is like Cardio Dance. I'm all about the classes these days. They keep me motivated and moving for longer.

This weekend Matt and I are headed to the beach for our anniversary. Should be fun. We are bringing stuff for lunch and I'll just have to keep my other meals in check and make sure to workout. Our hotel offers Yoga on the lawn in the mornings so depending on how tonight goes maybe I can do that.

Picture from last years beach trip. Can't wait!


  1. Nice job. Way to get back on track.

  2. Good job getting back on track. I'm with you on the frustratingly slow weight loss. I feel like I lose an ounce a week and it's not making me happy!!!

    But I have a are your clothes fitting? Because with all your exercise you might be slimming down without dropping the pounds. Which is just as good I think. Go to Dare to be Domestic and check out Kelly's P90X before and after pics. She dropped two clothing sizes and tons of inches and there is a noticable difference in her. She looks like she lost 20 pounds, but only lost 6. She's a great motivator.