Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

DateChangeTotalWork Outs in Week

I lost a measly 0.2 lbs this week.  I guess that is better than gaining but still.  My eating was on track this week but I only got in a total of 2 workouts.  I did not work out at all between when I went to the doctor last week and the 5k. I needed to rest per doctor's orders. I also did not want to take the chance of my asthma and bronchitis to get worse before my 5k.  My workouts this week were a Zumba class and the 5k.

So my friend's wedding that I'm a bridesmaid in is this weekend. I'm so excited for the wedding! Even though I did not meet my goal of loosing 25 lbs before her wedding, I did loose 13.6 and that's a lot better than 0 lbs.  I am going to make a new goal to loose the remaining 11.4 lbs by August 25th.  That gives me 10 weeks to get it done. It's time to step it up as I will be shopping for my own wedding dress soon!


  1. Yes a loss is definitely better than a gain. Do you want me to go all-Jillian on you from the Biggest Loser? I'm pretty mean. It can be like back in the day when you made me lift weights at the gym with you.

  2. Youve done great. Be proud of your achievement. I dont think you would have thought when you were younger that you ever would have become a runner, due to you hatred of it, but now youve done a 5K. Who knows, maybe next year you'll start liking hot fruit.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! Given everything you had going on last week you should definitely cut yourself a little slack.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  4. Listen to your Doctor. He/She probably knows best. Kudos on the weight loss. Post some pictures of the wedding.