Monday, June 28, 2010

3 Things

So last week I was tagged by JMJE of Making Stuff is Fun. So check out her blog to learn 3 things about her and then read my 3 things!

3 names I go by:
* Brayer
* Curly J
* Nini or Aunt Nini

3 places I have been:
*  Edinburgh, Scotland
*  Tishomingo, OK - spent 6 weeks here when I was in AmeriCorps, very exciting place with a whopping  
    population of 3,162
Big Bend National Park in TX - I know I'm styling in my AmeriCorps uniform

3 favorite drinks:
* Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee
* Sweet Tea
* Dragonfruit Vitamin Water - don't drink it as much anymore since it's loaded with sugar

3 jobs I have had:
* Sales Associate at Toys and Co - my first job
* Case Manager at a residential alternative-to-prison program for mothers and their children - my first job 
  after college and it was absolutely horrific
* Corps Member of AmeriCorps*NCCC - I traveled the US doing different service projects

3 TV shows I watch:
* The Office
* The Amazing Race
* The Bachelor/ Bachelorette - sad but true

3 places I would like to visit:
*Anywhere tropical where I can lay on the beach with a fruity drink - hopefully this will happen for my  
   honeymoon next year
*California- want to do a road trip along Route 1
* Italy

3 favorite retro TV shows
*The Cosby Show
*Gilmore Girls - great Tuesday night memories of watching the show at JMJE's house
*The Golden Girls

3 places I have lived:
* Wilmington, NC - in college
* Denver, CO - in Americorps
* Boston, MA - after AmeriCorps before returning to NC

3 favorite dishes
*Anything Mexican - especially shrimp fajitas
*Chicken Tikka Masala

3 things I am looking forward to:
*July 4th beach weekend 2010
*My wedding in May 2011!
*My tropical honeymoon that will follow

I'm tagging Shana from Fumbling Towards Normalcy make sure to check her blog out and then check out her 100th post and giveaway for a fabulous necklace!


  1. DD coffee is always delish. And Gilmore Girls is awesome even with Barkely and his squeeky toy.

  2. Ok so i have been accused of not commenting since March. I agree that I have undercommented for a bestie, but i have been making comments for example in May : Bonnie said...

    Thanks Jenni! And congrats on all your hard work. Can't wait to see you tonight!

    so there. I will try to make up for my lack of commenting. Sowee.

    Anywho, you have been doing great, I can definitely see the results, i think you look great. I am definitely trying to follow in your footsteps with the exercise thing, but mostly I stink. Literally, exercise makes me sweat a lot. Really unpleasant.

  3. I suck because it's taken me this long to actualy do this. But I finally did it today.