Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clear Liquid Diet = No Fun!

So all day yesterday I was on a clear liquid diet. No this isn't some kind of fad new diet. It was doctored ordered for a procedure I had this morning. Luckily everything looks good from the procedure and I'm back to eating regular foods. Yay!

Yesterday my diet consisted of apple juice, chicken broth, beef broth, orange jello, and lots of G2 Orange Gatorade. I think it will be a long time before I go near Orange Gatorade. I wasn't allowed anything red or purple. When I'm limited to things like jello and popsicles I want cherry or strawberry. No go on that though.

Of course at home yesterday I'm drooling over any commercial on tv that has food in it. I was hungry most of the day but it wasn't as bad as I thought about it would be. When the hunger got bad I would have some chicken broth. Even though it was only 30 calories it seemed enough to take the edge off. Thinking back on yesterday seeing that I can get by on very little calories makes it seem like eating a healthy diet day to day should be a piece of cake. Not that I would voluntary do a clear liquid diet again!


  1. Glad your procedure went well. I had to fast for blood work once that sucked and it was only 12 hours. YAY for food!!

  2. mmmm. broth. yeah i love that chicken broth only has like 30 calories. cause there are a lot of good chicken broth based soups and stews out there that are pretty good.

  3. Liquid diets are no fun. But I'm glad your procedure went well.

  4. I suppose that melted ice cream doesnt count as an acceptable liquid?! damn.